Mecklenburg County Courthouse Remote Services

As a real estate investor, you need continuous access to courthouse files, but do you have the resources to obtain them?

Hiring a full-time paralegal isn’t within most investors’ budgets as the normal rate is around $35 per hour. Sure, you could hire a document runner, but that’s time-consuming and costly too. Just the cost of uptown parking is around $10 and with at least 2 hours spent in the courthouse for each case, it gets costly. Investors often find themselves spending between $400 – $1,600 per month just on courthouse services!

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At HomeLinko, we know this is too much so we’re offering services to bridge the gap for you. We offer free remote courthouse services with every monthly subscription to our premium foreclosure master list. We will pull case files, and file the upset bid for free. We’ll go all the way up to the 10th day, filing your bid and winning the property for you for no charge.

All you have to do is sign up for our premium foreclosure master list at $49/month. As you can see, you come out ahead on the deal – this is a value-added service you just can’t pass up! Just complete the service form from the comfort of your own home, and we’ll handle the rest.

We are a full-service real estate company helping investors just like you get the properties you want by filing upset bids at just the right time, helping you build your investment portfolio and keep more profits in your pocket.

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