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Buying a house is one of the most essential decisions taken by someone in life as it needs him to invest a large chunk of his savings. To buy a house you need to either spend a large amount of the cash available with you or go for a home loan whose EMI will absorb good money from your monthly salary. So you can’t afford even the slightest error in the buy house decision.

In recent years, due to the advancement in eCommerce, there is a huge increase in the number of online real estate portals who are offering a discounted price on their listings. But sometimes buyer gets cheated when they just attracted to the mouth-watering buy house online offers. They end up buying an unwanted house with their life savings.

For example, if you type “Buy a house near me” on the search bar of any XYZ property portal then you would be surprised to find that these portals will attract much of your attention to the price tag of the property rather than on other necessary amenities.

So if you want to buy a house online with great ease & better security then Swiftkey is the right portal to opt for & here I have highlighted some of the features of our website that makes us different to that of other real estate websites: –

  1. We focus only on relevant information: – You might have experienced on many property websites that they seek in-depth information from you before showing their listings. It feels ridiculous to fill their forms. But at Swiftkey we just focus on relevant information that is easy to disclose for a Buyer & that makes the process of buy a house online easy for our client.
  2. We have a better analytical interface: – the majority of the real estate websites in the market emphasizes the price tag of property & have designed their sites as per this only factor. Although we consider price as an important influencer in buy house decision, our websites interface gives ample importance to each of your information & match it to our huge database of available properties to get you most appropriate options. We are the leading real estate portal if you buy a house in California.
  3. We ensure security & all legal formalities: – the most critical thing that affects your buy a house the genuineness of the property seller & the portal is the similarities in the amenities available in the property & those which are posted on the website. To make the confirmation & save our clients from any post-purchase troubles, we assign a private agent to each of your buyer who physically visits the property, checking the amenities mentioned & help you in all time-consuming formalities to make your dream of buy a house a smooth reality.
  4. We help you in achieving the best bargain price: – Our business model puts relationship & best service delivered as the core element. Due to this we help & guide our buyer clients in formulating a buying proposal & terms of payment. It helps a client in avoiding multiple mortgages for a single property & ease in the process of buy a house.
  5. Assist until you move into a new property: – our relationship building doesn’t end with taking the service amount but we assist you or guide you until you make a move to your newly bought property.

So all these factors make Swiftkey the best option to trust whenever you are considering to buy a house decision. Either you want to buy a house with cash or on a mortgage, Swiftkey is a reliable partner to deliver you the best property that suits your dream home.