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Do you Want to Buy, Sell, or Flip a House?

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or flip a house – we’ve got you covered. Start by completing our form and our agent will contact you to discuss your real estate goals and how you can achieve them. We’ll work closely with you, providing the leads, information, and services you need to conduct a successful real estate transaction.

Are you looking to sell your property? We have access to the top locations for yard sign placement and visibility. Whether you want to advertise in one location or all 48, we’ll provide you with an instant quote so that you can choose the option that sells your home fast while fitting within your budget.

When you choose HomeLinko, you get:

  • Quick listing and closing

  • Local listings of all rental houses and rooms

  • Superior outdoor yard signs/online listings/backpack services

We are Your Partners in Real Estate

We walk you through every step of your chosen process, whether buying, selling, or flipping a house. We take the time to get to know you and your needs, providing you with a personalized plan that will help you buy or sell a property with the speed and ease you desire.

When you partner with us, you get:

  • A simple home buying or home selling process without the headaches and stress that usually accompany the process

  • Assistance with selling your home no matter where you are in the process even if you are nearing foreclosure

  • Exceptional opportunities for advertising in one or more of our 48 strategic locations

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A Streamlined Service that Gets Your Real Estate Transaction Done Fast

HomeLinko makes it easy to conduct your real estate business in a streamlined fashion. With most of the work completed online, you can provide what we need quickly and then get back to your daily life. There’s no interruption in your workday or in taking care of your family. We operate efficiently, effectively, and most importantly with the speed that you desire to complete your real estate transactions.

``HomeLinko is a fully integrated company in both online and outdoor buying and selling process”

James Paterson
James Paterson
CEO of RapideTech
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What Makes us Different?

Information-Based Response
Information-Based Response

You provide the information and we match you with the right real estate options. Stop wasting time on properties that don’t meet your needs.


We strategically advertise your house for sale in 48 locations throughout Charlotte, NC. We carefully monitor each location, determining the number and quality of leads resulting from it.

Property Inspection
Property Inspection

You need to know a property’s integrity. Our physical inspection ensures the home is stable and eligible for financing, meeting the loan program’s strictest requirements.

Successful Backpack Advertising
Successful Backpack Advertising

We have mastered the backpack advertising process, ensuring maximum exposure of your property with use of our special text and symbols that are eye-catching and motivational.

Loan Approvals
Loan Approvals

We work hard to ensure the property meets all necessary requirements of the lender and/or loan program including its location, condition, and features.

Seller Analysis
Seller Analysis

We understand the ins and outs of any home you sell so that we can find you the right buyer without delay. You’ll save time on wasted leads and frustrating bids with our tailored service.

Our Tried and True Advertising Techniques

Yard Sign Advertising
Yard Sign Advertising

We utilize top-notch locations to advertise your home for sale with yard signs. The signs are easy to place and move and effective in bringing in the leads you desire.

Why Our Advertising is Unique?
Why Our Advertising is Unique?

We have located the prime areas for advertisement and maximum lead generation. With 48 locations to choose from, the sky is the limit when bringing in potential buyers.

Backpack Advertising
Backpack Advertising

We strategically place advertising on a backpack that makes its way through the community. Since this is an innovative advertising method, it brings in a lot of leads that you otherwise wouldn’t receive.

Why is Our Backpack Advertising Better?
Why is Our Backpack Advertising Better?

We employ a team of 24 backpackers that provide maximum visibility of your advertisements to the largest pool of buyers. With unique designs and special symbols, we gain the attention you desire to sell your home quickly.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert Peterson

Awesome company to work with and they do business with integrity.

Evelyn Martinez

They will deliver as promised as customer satisfaction is paramount to this company culture.

Joel Peterson

This company is very efficient when it comes to providing information to its client in a timely manner.


Their offer is very competitive compared to other firm and their lead time to close is very short in nature.

Isabel M.

They have successfully removed all bottleneck in real-estate investment and take a real-estate transaction from complex simple.

Tosha Wisdom

Thanks to HomeLinko we were able to sell and buy a new property at the same time with their guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying a home online?

Buying a home online gives you instant access to the information you need. You’ll have in-depth analytics of the buyer’s requirements, questions, and interests so that you can ensure a smooth selling process.

How can yard sign advertisement help?

Our yard signs attract a greater pool of leads, giving you more options when buying or selling a home. Buyers have more options to choose from and sellers have more bids to ensure that they get the maximum amount they want for their home.

What is the experience like?

We are here and ready to help clients sell their houses now. We help sellers in any situation, including those facing foreclosure. We provide you with an agent that visits your property right away to help create the most successful listing, ensuring that you maximize your leads.

What makes you different than other real estate portals?

We work closely with sellers, gathering as much information as possible so that we market your home to the leads that will provide the results you desire.

How is an online listing better than a physical listing?

Marketing your property online opens it up to a much wider audience that might otherwise never see your home for sale. With plenty of details provided, you have a better chance of selling your home faster using an online portal.

Is backpack advertising more expensive than other promotional tools?

Backpack advertising does cost more because it’s like ‘live advertising’ where the ads get in front of numerous people on a daily basis. However, it is a more economical choice because of the vast number of leads the advertisements get in front of versus a stagnant advertisement.